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The 200 year-old house features a black smoke kitchen and an exhibition about well-known villages and attractions in Kamna Gorica.
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Above the picturesque ironworking village, right next to St. Trinity's church, stands a 200 year-old sextons' house. From the house there are wonderful views of the village centre and across the valley to the Karavanke mountains.


The house, with its preserved black smoke kitchen and tumble toilet is a reminder of typical Gorenjska houses from the start of the 19th century.


The original layout of the interior of the house has been preserved. On the first floor, which was originally a flat for the chaplain, there are also preserved fragments of frescoes. The ground floor is arranged as a museum where visitors can see the wide hallway, black smoke kitchen, living room, small room and cellar.


In the old, wide corridor there is an exhibition dedicated to the well-known men from Kamna Gorica: the politicans Dr. Lovro Toman and Dr. Lovro Pogačnik, the artists Matevž Langus and Ivan Varl, and the Kappus pl. Pichlstain family. The exhibitions in the other rooms attest to life in Kamna Gorica in the past and today as well as the work of the chaplains, sextons and organist who once lived in the house.



Kamna Gorica Cultural and Tourist Association
T: +38631708913, +38641350480


  • June, July and August: Saturdays and Sundays from 9am – 12noon and from 3pm – 5pm

  • Visits at other times upon prior arrangement


ENTRANCE FEE: voluntary donations

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